Engineer Student, Artist , Manager and Team Leader, What’s Next?


Nour ElHouda Assassi, such a hard working engineer student, she is studying in the national school of applied sciences based in Kenitra Morocco.

Miss Nour is one of the official members of the administrative office of the Ensak Arts club ; first
artistic club of the ENSA Kenitra.

Known for her sincerity, social implication and talent as a team manager , she holds the
function of a team leader of the club.

Elected this year, the teenager engineer student doesn’t demerit by proving her impressive
talent as a manager and leader of troops.

Working actually on her project named “Eoly” with “Enactus Morocco” in cooperation with Mister Mohammed Amine Liaichi ; based on the invention of a wind turbine. Miss Nour spells out that the targeted population of their work is that of the regions not yet electrified in Morocco.

In addition of her successful professional career, Miss Nour shows up her awe-inspiring
artistic talents particularly in the fields of singing , painting and dancing.

To sum up ,after all that has been said, this amazing engineer student still have some
interesting future projects and goals to achieve ,What’s next?!


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