Engineer , Artist at the service of the community

In this article , we’ll introduce to you miss Amal Mostahfid , such a great friend and talented artist.

Miss Amal is a student in the 4th year in the national school of applied sciences based in Kenitra Morroco.

Miss Amal is more than just an ordinary person , i like her huge passion of plastic arts. Painter since her early childhood , she has already drawn many fine paintings , she is an obsessed girl by colors and shapes , also i found out on her the meaning of a professional painter teacher.

The reason of my presentation of her is that she is a person who cheers up people who gives all what they have , miss Amal gave and still giving all she has to draw a quality portraits , the best ones I’ve seen in my life.

Miss Amal wanna convey her passion and knowledge to the next generations , that’s why she is offering free classes in painting techniques for the kids of the orphanages, kindergarten..

Miss Amal is working as hard as she can to make her dream real : being a popular painter artist.

Each artist needs the support of their friends , family and the specialists in the artistic domain; this last needs a special care particularly from the expositions which each artist organizes in order to reach higher levels : basically reaching higher audience and admirers.

Miss Amal gonna organize her own expositions and workshops in the few upcoming days , all our appreciation and support to this amazing Engineer Artist.




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